Heat Seal Lacquered Foil for Cable Applications

We develop Heat Seal Lacquered Foils to stick to sheat or insulation. Lacquering process available on single or both sides of Plastic, Aluminium or Steel foils.Thickness of material has a wide range from 12µm thickness to 200µm thickness. Sealing material available on PVC and PE sheat or insulation.

High Foaming Extrusion Line

High foaming extrusion line has installed to produce 50 and 75 Ohm RG-6, RG-59, RG-11, RG-174, LMR, Triax 11 and CCTV types Semi-finished Coaxial and Triaxial cable cores.High foaming extrusion line has 3 extrusion head to apply Skin/Foam/Skin, Skin/Foam and Foam/Skin structure to get better